Armed Forces Golf

This Armed Forces Golf Tournament was the most fun, intense and interesting tournament I’ve played.

The first two days were lets just say not my best golf. I was in 4th place going into the third day and there was eleven strokes between me and third. Only the top three players qualify for the Armed Forces Team to participate in the world championships in Sri Lanka in November.

The morning of the third day I visualized playing all 18 holes. I pictured high draws in the middle of the fairways and landing everything a few feet from the hole. In my visualization I had a birdie on every hole. The third round of the tournament was my best round yet. Everything was playing very similar to my visualization. I had more birdie opportunities than I could even imagine. When I knew the visualization had helped I was on the second hole and stuck my approach shot to within a foot and obviously made the birdie putt. a few of the volunteers watching started clapping. It was nice to have an audience.

At the turn everyone asked how I was playing and asked about my shot on number 2. The volunteers had been talking about it on the radio. I knew I was doing well but wanted to stay calm so I said I was hanging in there but didn’t want to let them know how well my day was going. When I came in on 18, there were a lot of people watching from the patio‚Ķ I overshot the green, stuck a challenging flop shot and made the putt. I felt pretty good with everyone watching clapping as I finished.

After the scores were in I had made up 12 strokes and was in third place. Fourth was one shot behind. Whoever had the better round the next day was going to the world championships.

Day 4: I did the same visualization technique as the day before. I tried not to focus on the group in front of us as I could see exactly how they were doing. I needed to focus on one shot at a time. The game was a blur. When I came in the fairway was lined with people and the patio filled with all the players at the event. I knew I had played well but didn’t know what my score was. Multiple people asked and I was just in a daze. The scores were in and I was going to Sri Lanka. I made the Armed Forces Team and will represent the US at the World Military Golf Championships in November. I was very excited that my hard work had paid off. Qualifying for the world championships was my goal for the summer. Can’t wait to go!

Much love,


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  1. jim Veatch says:

    I just seen this!!!! CONGRATULATIONS I knew you could do it….

  2. Sea N' Air , Sonny says:

    Congratulation Laurel and good luck!

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