Duty Before Golf

Today I stood a nice short weekend watch from 0600-1200. Everything was pretty smooth and the time went quickly. After work I went to the golf course and hit a small bucket of balls to warm up before I headed out on the course. While at the range I met a very nice Navy Nurse named Kaitlyn who I look forward to golfing with this weekend!

However, while I was on the course (hole 9) around 7:45pm I get a phone call from the Operations Officer. The duty officer’s wife was going into labor and they needed someone to come in at midnight until I was supposed to get back on watch again. So I get an additional 6 hours of watch… no big deal I’ll just be running on very little sleep. So needless to say I left the course to get two hours of sleep before heading back in to make sure the world is safe from thunderstorms.

Yay! I’ve now done two blog posts. Hopefully they get more entertaining as I learn how to blog.

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