Instagram Influence

Many people know me from my Instagram. I don’t have a huge following but I have a great following of supportive followers who say positive things. I truly appreciate the positive comments people leave on my Instagram. It means a lot when there is so much negativity flying around social media.

I love that people truly care what products I use such as training aids, clothing, etc. and trust my opinion. Every week I get numerous questions regarding my clothes since I am a fairly small build and how to find clothes that fit. Other questions I get are regarding the training aids and if they really work.

I recently posted a video using the Super Speed Sticks. I immediately had a few people ask me if they really work and if they are worth the steep price ($200)… I don’t get paid to promote them… and I can verify YES they work and are in fact worth the money.

Until this week I didn’t realize how much people valued my “golfer” opinion. I can now see why companies pay so much to sponsor golfers on tour or advertise on large social media accounts.

The one thing you can always count on is that no matter what I will always give my honest opinion. No company could ever pay me enough to compromise my integrity to say something positive about a product I think doesn’t work. There’s more to life than money. So if you ever have a question about something I’m using/showing etc shoot me a comment or DM and I’ll get back to you!

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