New practice game!

New practice game!

Alisa and I had a great time playing a new chipping/putting game today!

Has anyone ever played 7’s? Well, we took the rules from 7’s and applied it to chipping and had a fun contest.

To start, one person picks a place to start from off the green and a hole to chip/pitch to.

The person who chips it closest gets a point. If you make your putt (get up and down) good for you… you keep your points. However, if you miss your putt and two putt or worse then you lose a point!

If you chip it in you get two points 🙂 (I ended up winning the contest by chipping it in!)

If the person behind you chips in after you’ve already chipped in then they get double the points (four) and the first person to chip in gets none.

The person who was closest and won the point in the previous hole picks the location to start/hole to go to for the next one.

First person to 7 wins!

Here ares some ways to mix it up and make it too complicated for anyone to understand what on earth is going on… If you go over 7 points then you start over. If the person who is closest misses their putt then the person who is second closest can steal the point by making their putt and the first person will lose a point. If you’re playing with multiple people if the second person misses their putt then the third, or however many people, can make it and steal the point. In this case if no one else makes their putt the first person keeps their point (but loses it for the two putt) so they have the same points that they had before they started the hole.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and let me know how your chipping and putting contests go!




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