Old Putting Drill

Old Putting Drill

After playing 18 holes my practice consisted of 30 minutes of hitting my driver and then a crazy putting drill.

This drill took me 5 hours and I stayed at the course until 7:30 when it was almost dark. I wasn’t leaving before I completed this!

  1. From 3ft – make 100 putts in a row
  2. From 6ft – make 50 putts in a row
  3. From 9ft – make 20 putts in a row

If you miss a putt you start back over at 0!

The 3ft part didn’t take long but the 6ft one took me way too long! I kept getting to 45 or 46 putts and would lip one out to the right or left. Eventually my persistence paid off and I got the 50 putts.

The 20 putts from 9 ft surprisingly didn’t take too long. It was much shorter than the 6fters.

Added note: my putting on the course has significantly improved after doing this drill I’m going to complete it at least once a week. This drill is brought to you by the man, the myth and the legend … Irish Matt! (He has now given me a new drill to do so this drill is now “The Old Putting Drill”. More to come on “The New Putting Drill” later!)




One comment on “Old Putting Drill
  1. Ernie V says:

    Wow, that’s crazy. I need to try it. Question? Do you practice on putting green, or practice on an actual hole. I’m assuming on the practice green. Just got back into golf after a long long break. Great site. 👍🏼

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